Episode 01: In conversation with Stuart Jaffe

Stuart Jaffe is the madman author behind the Nathan K thrillers, The Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, The Bluesman, Founders, Real Magic. He discusses his 20-year writing career and stories about being a fan and meeting his amazing fans.
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Experience VS Connection Part 2: Two Different Wants.

In my last article I wrote about a difference between experiencing something and a pervasive sense of connection but stopped short of delving into the differences between the two and how they relate to each other. Part two of this article series covers just that. The difference between experience and connection, and the critical relationship they share.
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Experience vs Connection Part 1: A Surprising Discovery

This article is the first in a 4-part series about how to increase our ability to have meaningful experiences in the digital age.

My past few weeks have been turned on their head. Chris Rock was in Toronto and I scored tickets. Selling out the Air Canada Center, Chris Rock was on point talking about culture, politics and the harsh lessons learned in his divorce. Occupying the stage beneath the glow of a sign pronouncing in bold red “Comfort is the Poison“, Rock had us laughing, clapping and gasping for air.

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