Banana’s in Time/Space: When a meeting becomes an experience

Doctor Who has held the love and admiration of Science Fiction fans for more than 50 years. Over the decades numerous actors have taken to the screen after being inspired by the show as children. The current iteration of recurring villain The Master is played by Michelle Gomez who has brought a sort of charming madness to the role. Her exuberant nuttiness best exemplified by her own atmittance to being “Bananas!” making her a fan favorite almost overnight. Hamza Mohammad leapt at the chance to meet her at FanExpo 2016.

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A Final Farewell To Royalty

As the sun rises over a new year, we all are taking our moments to look back at 2016 and the absolute devastation that it wrought to the legends of Hollywood and North American culture. Just about everyone mourned the death of at least one of these icons and for me, the biggest blow came towards the end when we lost Carrie Fisher.
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