Meet comic book author, Gail Simone

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Discuss the deeper themes of Gail’s writing, the profound influence she (and other creators of her calibre and specialty) have on society—and on a smaller, more intimate scale, the fans at the event. Special respect to Oracle’s impact on ableism and/or the way girls and women perceive themselves in a (generally) male-dominated fan space (e.g. for me, her Barbara Gordon is one of my role models and I identify strongly with her as a woman in STEM. Besides that, Yvonne Craig’s portrayal of Batgirl in the Adam West series was groundbreaking for a lot of women my age. And while it would be so easy to keep the whole Bat-purse, Bat-lipstick schtick going, Gail helped Barbara mature as a character and gave her a depth and completeness that changed many fans’ lives.

Venues: Whether it’s at a coffee shop, teahouse, bookstore, or gallery, this would be the perfect setting for a more intimate discussion on Gail Simone’s work.

City: Vancouver, Canada




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