Gail Simone: her impact, influence, and legacy

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From the beginnings with Women in Refrigerators to her recent shoutouts from DCU and MCU alike, we can explore the deeper themes of Gail’s writing, the profound influence she (and other creators of her calibre and specialty) have on fandom and on society—and on a smaller, more intimate scale, her the fans at the event.

Particular respect to Oracle’s impact on ableism and/or the way girls and women perceive themselves in a (generally) male-dominated fan space. For instance, Barbara Gordon is one of my role models and I identify strongly with her (first as a bookworm/librarian, then as a woman in STEM).
Besides that, Yvonne Craig’s portrayal of Batgirl in the 1960s Batman television series was groundbreaking for a lot of women my age. And while it would’ve been so easy to keep the whole Bat-purse, Bat-lipstick shtick going, Gail helped Barbara mature as a character and gave her a depth and completeness that changed many fans’ lives.

A coffee shop, tea house, library/bookstore, crafting workshop, paint night, or gallery would be the perfect setting for a more intimate discussion on Gail Simone’s work.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

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