April 22, 2019

How fans saved the Expanse

How fans saved the Expanse

On May 26th 2018, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that The Expanse was saved at the International Space Development Conference (ISDC), with the cast present. Just after his announcement, the audiences went wild, all gave their applause and cheered. Some even jumped in excitement.

This may leave you wondering, why was everyone so emotional about the news? This is because The Expanse was originally cancelled by the Syfy Channel. By the time it was cancelled, the show gained a considerable following of die-hard fans. They organized themselves immediately and launched a #SaveTheExpanse movement to save the show.

Season 3: The Expanse

What is The Expanse TV Show?

The Expanse is a popular American television series based on The Expanse Novels by James S. A. Corey. The story is set in a future where humans have colonized the Solar System and Mars has become an independent military power. In order to survive, resources are constantly taken from the Asteroid Belt and air and water have become scarce. As time moves on, there are more tension between the Belt, Mars, and the Earth.

How fans saved The Expanse?

Syfy announced cancellation of The Expanse on May 10th 2018. The TV show is one of the highest rated science-fiction series, and fans have become furious about the news, especially since it just reached the story climax at the end of Season three. Wanting to do something about this, fans immediately took actions and started a petition to find someone (Netflix or Amazon) to pick up the show. The petition collected more than 138000 signatures by the end of the campaign.

Save The Expanse Petition

The petition had certainly caught some attention due to how quickly they gained signatures. At the end of the campaign, they have raised more than 138,000 signatures. Not only do they start a petition, a megathread had been created on Reddit, outlining all the actions one could take to #SaveTheExpanse. Seeing the fans' efforts, The Expanse writers start tweeting about the campaign, gaining awareness to this movement.

Not only are there actions in Reddit, #SaveTheExpanse campaign expanded into other social media platforms as well. Groups such as The Expanse Geeks and Everything the Expanse are created on Facebook to give followers a place to share ways to save the show.

Unfortunately, shortly after the movement has launched, Jim Murray, the property master of The Expanse posted on Facebook that Netflix is out. Not only were fans not discouraged by the news, they stepped up their game to #SaveTheExpanse.

#SaveTheExpanse video to join the movement

On May 14, a redditor u/Reddit_pls_stahp posted a video on saving The Expanse, gaining 50.2K upvotes and 180000 views on Youtube.

Fans commented under this video:

"Scifi-Nerds were quiet when Firefly was cancelled, but we won't make the same mistake again. We want good scifi! #SavetheExpanse #KeeptheRociflying"

"The Expanse is truly one of the great Sci-Fi shows of our generation."

Not only did they catch the attention of the fans, their efforts are also recognized by the writers.

The Expanse Writers
Wow! This is awesome. Thank you all so much for the support. It really truly feels like we’re all in this together #TheExpanse #SaveTheExpanse

James S.A. Corey
I'm a little in awe of the fans, to be honest.

If you are thinking "oh wow that's crazy", you must be underestimating the power of fans. After discussing with the fans community, redditor /u/sfcl33t suggested to fly an airplane around the Amazon Headquarters with the banner "SAVE THE EXPANSE" on the 14th. Although this seems to be an impossible thing to do, fans gathered up to make this happen! They quickly raise $4325 in the GoFundMe campaign and the flight set off the next day.

#SaveTheExpanse airplane banner paid for by fans

As the campaign is becoming more impactful, super fans volunteered their time to help manage the logistics of production and marketing of the campaign. Amazingly they did not meet in person at all, they just set up Discord server to communicate with the Marketing and Production team.

Not every fans have the time and power though, but there's one thing everyone can do. #BingeTheExpanse becomes the new campaign which fans encourage their friends and family to watch the show and bump up the rating. Along with the binching, more fan-made trailers are created by fans.

#SaveTheExpanse Fan Trailer

#SaveTheExpanse Fan Trailer #2

Flying the plane around Amazon is huge, but a redditor u/thegroovologist suggested sending a Rocinante model into the space. This was funded even quicker than the plane.

By this time, the petition has collected more than 125,000 signatures on Several members of the cast speak to the LA cast on their backgrounds, their characters, and the #SaveTheExpanse campaign. This was obviously very exciting for the fans, as their hard work was being recognized by the actors.

The Cast Recognizing Fans for #SavingTheExpanse

To pursued Amazon to pick up the show, fans continue sending cakes and snacks to their headquarter. This has become a popular topic, and it was nominated as the "subreddit of the day."

On May 24th, the Rocinante model was launched by SentIntoSpace.

#SaveTheExpanse Rocinante model

ISDC: Jeff Bezos & The Expanse

On May 25th, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and The Expanse cast both attended the International Space Development Conference coincidentally. Knowing that both parties will be presented in the conference, some fans flew out to attend the event in hopes of talking to Bezos in person to rescue the show.

Finally, all the efforts and hard work had paid off to #SaveTheExpanse. After the award dinner, Bezos announced:

“I was talking to the cast … right before dinner started,” Bezos said. “I was telling them we were working hard at Amazon to save The Expanse, but it wasn’t a done deal yet. And during dinner, 10 minutes ago, I just got word that The Expanse is saved.”

This is the moment everyone was waiting for! Without fans' support, The Expanse would not have been saved and it's the FANs who make this happen.

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