February 26, 2019

Being a geek is the new cool

Being a geek is the new cool

When we talk about geeks, people are sometimes say “Oh, they are nerdy, they are play video games all night long and they live in another world.” I wanted to discuss how being a geek today can be a cool thing.

Geeks are trendsetters and influencers

Geeks are influential and the don't not need to be a Mark Zuckerberg or a Steve Jobs. In the article Being A Geek: What It Really Means About You And 5 Ways To Leverage It, the author describes how leaders in organizations use game-based learning to learn faster and more effectively.

Organizational thought leaders like Brenda Hardesty and Sue Baechler are combining the science of game-based learning with strategy implementation to deliver impressive business outcomes for players of their game aptly called the All In board game.  “Game research shows that players retain 75% of what they learn, and 45% after six weeks,” said the creators. “That’s a stark difference from traditional training methods—where participants only retain 4%.” When chasing results, allow you inner child to escape—where your projects are filled with wonder, competitiveness, and fun.

Fans of comic and pop culture are all ages

Fans of pop and comic culture are all ages today. According to Facebook demographic data on Marvel for 2014, fans for the under 30 age group account for 54.75% of the total population, while over 30 make up the other 45.25%. The geek and pop culture space has gone mainstream. Data for gaming shows that while young people are the majority, 8.6% of gamers are 35-40 and 9.4% are over 40 years old.

On a Reddit discussion, many answered the question, "What's your feeling about being a geek, regardless of your age?". One person, pro_ajumma wrote:

I am almost 50, but still enjoy comics, superhero movies, and animation. I work in animation so most of my coworkers are the same way. I don't walk around flaunting geeky status though. It is just part of my life, instead of the defining character.

It's clear that age should never stop you from following your passion.

Gaming and Education

People sometime associate gaming with an inability to focus. The opposite is true according to “Gaming by Education level”. Among applicants with a given degree with gaming expenses, only 18.5% are holding high school degrees, the other 81.5% has degrees including “MBA”, Bachelor’s, Doctor’s etc. Regardingincome, the percentage of applicants with video game purchases by income group is fairly consistent across the board. To conclude, income doesn’t make a big difference in video gaming.

When comic books become movies

Comics and graphic novel creators are some of the best storytellers. Not surprisingly, the medium translates well coupled with animation and special effects. Since the release of the first Spiderman movie with Tobey Maguire in 2001, there has been consistent box office success in film adaptations of comics and novels in the superhero, science-fiction, fantasy and horror/zombie genres. Comicsverse explains the popularity of comic book movies for a new generation of fans:

Hundreds of fans spring into existence with the release of every new comic book movie. The original SUPERMAN movie’s beloved by a generation of fans who grew up with Christopher Reeve. The MCU has been around long enough to see children grow into teenagers and young adults — much like the current iteration of Peter Parker. The SPIDER-MAN movies are a defining part of my childhood, as are the JUSTICE LEAGUE  and TEEN TITANS animated cartoons.

Positive inner qualities that geeks perceive

Instead of negative labels and connotations like “unattractive”, “nerdy”, “socially awkward”, the popularity of geek culture has improved the way we perceive geeks. Geeks are viewed as extremely loyal, passionate and committed to what they love. They are fully engaged, stay up to date and support the work and creators they admire. They also support more than one category of fandom like comics, TV and film, Anime, video games, boardgames and cosplay.

The actor, writer and comedian, Simon Pegg made this now famous quote about being a geek.

Simon Pegg's thoughts on his Geek Quote

Being a geek today is more accepted by the general public. The qualities associated with a geek have become more accepted and desirable. No matter your age, educational background, gender, sexual orientation, you will be accepted. You will always find people with the same shared interest and passions, who accept you into the community. If you are a geek and you are reading this article, be proud of your geekiness because its the new cool!

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