December 1, 2017

Banana’s in Time/Space: When a meeting becomes an experience

Doctor Who has held the love and admiration of Science Fiction fans for more than 50 years. Over the decades numerous actors have taken to the screen after being inspired by the show as children. The current iteration of recurring villain The Master is played by Michelle Gomez who has brought a sort of charming madness to the role. Her exuberant nuttiness best exemplified by her own atmittance to being “Bananas!” making her a fan favorite almost overnight. Hamza Mohammad leapt at the chance to meet her at FanExpo 2016.

Moh: “This past Fanexpo you met with a cast member from Dr. Who. Tell me about that.”

Hamza: “I met with the wonderful Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy on the show. I went up and she looked a bit puzzled that there wasn’t anything in front of her to sign, I said I didn’t want anything from her, just to say hi, and say you are easily my favorite version of The Master and then asked her what it is like being on the show.”

Moh: “And how did she respond to that?”

Hamza: “ She was taken aback at first that I didn’t want an autograph or a picture taken, but when I said I wanted to say hi she thought it was a very nice gesture. Anyway she said the role was like a dream come true and that it is amazing and she absolutely loves it, I said thank you and commented that my brother mentioned a suggestion for you to randomly hand out autographed bananas to people during conventions and she burst out laughing, saying that might actually be a lot of fun and then we said thank you to each other.”

While stories of ‘Missy’ handing out bananas to fans haven’t surfaced quite yet Hamza will do doubt always remember the day he made a Time Lord laugh.

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